Gerry Koster and John McBeath

Gerry Koster and John McBeath

Lots of faces keep turning up at Melbourne International Jazz Festival concerts. Some are fans who can’t resist the live music on offer, others are involved in the “jazz scene” in some way.

The faces above, snapped between sets at the Melbourne Recital Centre, are those of Gerry Koster of the ABC’s Jazz Up Late program and John McBeath, who reviews the festival for The Australian each year.

Do they agree on the standout gigs of the festival? Are they admirers of Livio Minafra or Chris Dave and The Drumhedz, or is a late-night jam with The Grid more to their tastes? Well, to find out you’ll have to tune in to Gerry’s program and read John’s festival review.

In this case they are about to hear Larry Carlton, but more about that in the next post…



  1. Thanks Rog. I thought we were at Larry CARLTON not Carter. Don’t know where Carter was. Maybe he was another one of the shutterbugs?

    • I am not a Carlton supporter, John, so maybe that accounts for the error. Elliott Carter perhaps? I don’t think he’s in the same territory as Mr Carlton. But thanks for mentioning.

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