Shreveport Stomp

4 stars

ON July 12 last year three patrons left Bennetts Lane jazz club in Melbourne grumbling that they “didn’t pay to hear three drunk blokes wearing flannel … miss every third note”.

Yet that night these blokes, none of whom had touched a drop, began recording a live album that dips its lid to Monk, Parker, Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton and Ornette Coleman while delivering superbly creative and uncompromising modern jazz.

The version of Brian Wilson’s Wonderful is exactly that. Allan Browne (drums) and Sam Anning (bass) give Marc Hannaford free rein and his piano takes us almost anywhere we could wish to go.

This music varies so much. It swings subtly and strongly. It pushes, nudges and shoves. It barrels along. It explores finesse and freneticism.

And it’s fun.

File between: Monk, Jelly Roll Morton

Download: Cheryl et al, Wonderful


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