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Paper Tiger

CD LAUNCH: Paper Tiger, featuring Oehlers/Magnusson/Vanderwal at Uptown Jazz Cafe, 8.30pm (two sets)

To give a taste of what’s in store, here is Uptown’s take on proceedings:

“Jamie Oehlers (tenor and soprano saxophones), Stephen Magnusson (guitar) and Ben Vanderwal (drums) are three widely recognised and acclaimed Australian jazz artists, who came together in 2013 to perform each others’ original material in Perth and Melbourne.

“The results were undeniably strong – so much so that they are getting back together again in Melbourne to record a new album over this week, with this performance being a prequel to that recording.

“With distinctly different writing styles, the material will be diverse, drawn together by the always clear and unique voices of these three exceptional musicians.”

And here’s another take on this album:

“In 2013 these three fine musicians got together to perform and enjoyed the results so much they coaxed each other to go into the studio and record an album. Once in there, with the red light on they couldn’t stop, they tied the sound engineer to his chair and proceeded to record 15 songs (all available on their new release, Paper Tiger.

“The resulting music is a diverse range of colours, grooves and timbres. Each member has a very distinct writing style but the compositions are approached as a collective. You can hear the band revelling in the freedom of the bass less trio format and revelling in the knowledge they do not have to check in a double bass at the oversize counter the next day.”

Paper Tiger features five compositions by Oehlers, three each by Magnusson and Vanderwal, as well as pieces by each of Keith Jarrett, Frank Loesser, Ornette Coleman and Stephen Foster.

And our ABC has this to say about the album:

“Audacious but approachable, eclectic yet focused, Paper Tiger presents a new instrumental trio. No stranger to each other, each member is a highly regarded improvising Australian: guitarist Stephen Magnusson, saxophonist Jamie Oehlers and drummer Ben Vanderwal.

Paper Tiger has compositions by each member of the trio, plus very fresh explorations of other composers’ work – from Ornette Coleman to Stephen Foster.

“So limber is this trio that a casual listener may be surprised to discover it ‘lacks’ a bass player. Good humour, lyricism and surprise are abundant.”

Jamie Oehlers

Jamie Oehlers



Mark Lockett album

3.5 stars

Label: Rattle Jazz

Recorded in New York with Joel Frahm on sax and Orlando Le Fleming on bass, Melbourne drummer Mark Lockett’s fourth album features eight of his compositions.

Despite time as a student of flamboyant NYC drummer Ari Hoenig, Lockett does not push his work to the fore. This album showcases all members of the trio in lively and polished renditions of pieces that are at times complex, but never too heavy.

Lockett displays a deft, but restrained command of the kit, giving Frahm and Le Fleming plenty of space.

Compared with Now and Then, Lockett’s 2008 tribute to Ornette Coleman, this album may offer less intensity, but it delivers finesse in a well-balanced outing that also confirms the drummer’s credentials as composer.

Download: Loose Motion, Crew Cut

File between: Ornette Coleman, Bill Stewart


During December 2012 Lockett will embark on a national tour to release Sneaking Out After Midnight, with concerts featuring Julien Wilson on sax and Alex Boneham on bass. In Sydney Jonathan Zwartz will be a special guest on bass, while in Perth Jamie Oehlers will feature on sax.

Lockett tour dates:

Tuesday, December 4: 505, 280 Cleveland St, Surry Hills, New South Wales, 8pm

Wednesday, December 5: The Loft, unit 2-3 151 Cowper St Dickson Canberra, 8pm

Thursday, December 6: La Niche, 67 Smith Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 7pm

Monday, December 10: The Wheatsheaf, 39 George St, Barton, SA 8pm

Wednesday, December 12: The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth, WA, 8pm



Shreveport Stomp

4 stars

ON July 12 last year three patrons left Bennetts Lane jazz club in Melbourne grumbling that they “didn’t pay to hear three drunk blokes wearing flannel … miss every third note”.

Yet that night these blokes, none of whom had touched a drop, began recording a live album that dips its lid to Monk, Parker, Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton and Ornette Coleman while delivering superbly creative and uncompromising modern jazz.

The version of Brian Wilson’s Wonderful is exactly that. Allan Browne (drums) and Sam Anning (bass) give Marc Hannaford free rein and his piano takes us almost anywhere we could wish to go.

This music varies so much. It swings subtly and strongly. It pushes, nudges and shoves. It barrels along. It explores finesse and freneticism.

And it’s fun.

File between: Monk, Jelly Roll Morton

Download: Cheryl et al, Wonderful