Radiola — Andrew Robson Trio

CD cover to come


THERE’S disorder in the house, as Warren Zevon would put it. Shares are falling, temperatures rising and super suddenly not so. At such times music can express our pain (Scott Tinkler’s solo trumpet, perhaps) or soothe our soul.
Robson’s Trio offers a sublime escape. In its second album with this line-up (composer Robson on saxophones and descant recorder, Steve Elphick on double bass and Hamish Stuart on drums), the trio celebrates the freedom of reeds and devotes space and unhurried time to expressing the depth of bass and drums.
Robson displays the resonance, delicate lyricism and robust soulfulness attributed to tenor saxophonist Bennie Wallace, to whom he pays tribute in Big Ben. And his intricate, swinging Lace Work is fitting homage to soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy.
But Robson offers much more than due deference, lovingly exploring variations in melody and tempo with great finesse.

DOWNLOAD: Mata Hari.
FILE BETWEEN: Trio Apoplectic, Zac Hurren Trio


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