Martin and Andra Jackson

Action Jacksons: Martin and Andra Jackson want musicians to take their plight to the Victorian Parliament.

PROTEST: Delegation seeks to meet Premier Baillieu

The Melbourne Jazz Co-operative’s campaign to have its State Government funding restored for 2013 is gathering momentum and moves to the next stage on Wednesday 20 February.

A printed version of a petition with hundreds of signatures — seeking the restoration of Arts Victoria funding — will be presented to State Parliament by Labor MP Martin Foley.

At the same time, a music ”action” will take place on the steps of Parliament. There will be speeches of support, outlining the MJC’s case and a demand will be made that Arts Minister and Premier Ted Baillieu meet a delegation from the MJC to hear the impact of the funding loss on local musicians, rather than leaving decisions to his narrow focussed arts minions.

All jazz and improvising musicians not teaching on the day are urged to roll up and make their musical voices heard.

More details as they come to hand…


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