The Meadowlands

Luke Howard Trio's The Meadowlands


4 stars

THIS trio’s inaugural album allows space for the lyrical, chrystalline beauty of the piano to shine forth. So sensitive is the accompaniment by Jonathan Zion (acoustic bass) and Daniel Farrugia (drums) to the clarity of Howard‘s playing that this could almost be a solo piano outing. It is not, of course.

In 12 pieces by Howard (FGHR, Michael Story Trio) and Zion, with Flametop Green by Daniel Lanois, bass and drums are integral to the piano’s intent, whether in the solemnity of Desertion or the free-flowing, almost rollicking Theme from an Untitled (and Possibly Foreign) Film.

Howard often conveys serenity and introspection. In Spring there is skipping energy and in the title track there is spare stillness. It’s time spent in another world.

Download: Desertion, NADP
CD launch: Oct 27, Melb. Recital Centre, 7pm


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