Fingers on the pulse?

Fingers on the pulse?

Too much happening in life, in work. The pressure’s too much. And in music, it’s all out there.

Tonight a new weekly jazz gig, Fight Club, kicks off at The Brunswick Green, 313 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, with Craig Fermanis, Ronny Ferella and guests each week.

Also tonight at Bennetts Lane, experienced improvisers Tony Hicks (saxes, flutes, clarinets), Adrian Sherriff (bass trombone), Ren Walters (guitars), and Ted Vining (drums) revisit Rewind, which was formed with the late Gary Costello (acoustic bass) to “re-imagine” some standards in modern music making without borders.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9.30pm at Paris Cat, John Hoffman on flugelhorn, joins Gianni Marinucci on trumpet/flugel, Tony Gould on piano, Ben Robertson on bass and Tony Floyd on drums.

Also on Wednesday, at Uptown Jazz Cafe, Fitzroy Be-Bop is back with Bopstretch: Hard drivin’ bop quintet playing the classic repertoire of Charlie Parker, Dizzy, Cannonball and more. This week featuring Steve Grant on trumpet, and introducing the swingin-est Markey-Mark Elton on double bass, with

Phil Noy – Alto Saxophone
Steve Grant – Trumpet (love this man on cornet)
Ben Hauptmann – Guitar
Mark Elton – Bass
Raj Jayaweera – Drums

On Thursday, Peter Knight Quartet (Knight trumpet/flugelhorn, Colin Hopkins piano, Frank Di Sario bass and Tony Floyd drums will play the first of three Thursdays at Bennetts Lane at 9pm. They’ll play material from two albums: Between Two Moments (Newmarket 2001) All the Gravitation of Silence (Jazzhead 2005). Great albums.

On Friday at Uptown, it’s Michael Story Trio playing Pan Francis, “shooting rays of blissful collective improvisation via quirky melodies and thumping beats”. Featuring Jon Crompton (alto saxophone), Nick Martyn (drums/ percussion) and Michael Story (acoustic bass)

On Saturday at Uptown features, as part of the national tour of the Antripodean Collective, trumpet colossus Scott Tinkler and long time collaborator Ked Edie on drums playing mainly Scott Tinkler compositions with Marc Hannaford – piano, Phillip Rex – bass.


Ausjazz blog can’t get to all (life, work is in chaos), but you may be able to make some. Make a point of it!

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