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Jacam Manricks

Jacam Manricks


Jacam Manricks Quartet (New York/Sydney/Melbourne), Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne, 8.30pm Tuesday 20 August 2013, courtesy of the Melbourne Jazz C0-operative

What a line-up. Jacam Manricks is visiting from New York to promote his album Cloud Nine, which was recorded in 2011 in Brooklyn with David Weiss on trumpet, Adam Rogers on guitar, Sam Yahel on organ and Matt Wilson on drums. They play Manricks’ compositions.

Manricks was one of three finalists in the 2009 National Jazz Awards at Wangaratta Jazz Festival.

Jacam Manricks

Jacam Manricks

The alto saxophonist, composer and arranger will be in good company on Melbourne. Paul Grabowsky on piano, Alex Boneham on bass and Danny Fischer on drums  will join Manricks for this outing, so it is bound to be special.

Fischer has not too long been back from New York. Manricks has been playing at the Jazz Standard in New York with Grammy-Award winning drummer Jeff “Tain” Watts.

Manricks moved to New York in 2001 and over the past 12 years has incorporated jazz, 20th century contemporary classical music and Latin-style rhythms into his repertoire.

Jacam Manricks

Jacam Manricks

His playing and compositions have been highly lauded by the international press.

Jazz Times: First-class talent… a potent swinging chemistry… He gives the genre meaning that people can relate to and apply to their own lives.

Downbeat: Mellifluous…Meditative…Beautifully contoured…impressive collection of pieces.

All About Jazz: Superb saxophone work, intellectually stimulating writing and ingenious dovetailed rhythmic lines.

*”Man” is a generic jazz term and is not meant to be gender exclusive.


GIG PREVIEWS: Sunday, September 2, Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne

The phrase an embarrassment of riches comes to mind, though I daresay Bennetts Lane is not the tiniest bit bashful about its double bill on the evening of Father’s Day this year. In one room is a father and daughter breaking the champers (sorry, sparkling wine) bottle over their new album, while in the other room the Melbourne Jazz Co-operative presents German drummer/composer Jochen Rueckert, on tour from New York with bassist Des White and expatriate Australian saxophonist Jacam Manricks.

It’s a case of choose one room and stick with it, or sample a little of both.

CD launch: Andy Sugg Group — The Berlin Session 8pm $15/$12

Andy and Kate

Andy Sugg and daughter Kate Kelsey-Sugg

Berlin Session

It’s billed as a first to have a father and daughter launch a contemporary jazz record on Father’s Day. That may well be true, but it’s the music that counts and this album was recorded early in 2011 at Freeborn Sound Studio in Berlin, which saxophonist Andy describes as “an incredible place” with a culture so vibrant “you can breathe it on the street”.

Andy was reunited with German drummer Jan Leipnitz, with whom he had previously worked with in Sydney, for this album, which also features Sean Pentland on bass and Andy’s daughter, Kate Kelsey-Sugg on piano.

For the Melbourne launch, Andy and Kate will be joined by Aaron McCoullough on drums, Pat Farrell on bass and Kumar Shone on guitar.

The Berlin Session was mixed in Berlin by Phil Freeborn and mastered at the ABC studios in Melbourne by Mal Stanley.

Publicity material for the album describes it as exploring “a more acoustic avant garde setting”.

“While firmly grounded in its stylistic time and place, this is music that has left home. It is music in the moment, played by highly articulate musicians with something to say both as soloists and as members of a collective.”

Andy Sugg has played with David Liebman, Paul Grabowsky, Julien Wilson, Stephen Magnusson, Jamie Oehlers and the late Gary Costello. For his PhD Andy studied the music of John Coltrane.

Kate’s Kelsey-Sugg’s accomplishments include winning the VCA Marion Isobel Piano Scholarship (2010), the Gold Prize at the Rotarua New Zealand Stage Band Music Tour (2004), first place in the 2009 VCA Jazz series competition and second place in 2008. She was 2005 Future Piano Finalist in the James Morrison Scholarship and took first place in the 2010 James Morrison Vocal Scholarship.

She recently returned from studies in New York, where she played at The Living Room.

Jochen Rueckert Trio 8.30pm $18/$12
Jochen Rueckert drums, Des White bass, Jacam Manricks alto saxophone

Jochen Ruerckert

Jochen Ruerckert at Bennetts Lane recently with Jacam Manricks and Des White

Cloud Nine

On Tuesday, August 28, Melburnians had a chance to hear expatriate saxophonist Jacam Manricks again, back on an extensive tour of Australia. Manricks has a new album out, entitled Cloud Nine, which features David Weiss on trumpet, Adam Rogers on guitar, Sam Yahel on organ and Matt Wilson on drums. This is a line-up I’d love to see at Wangaratta or the MIJF some time.

The Tuesday gig at Bennetts Lane was also an opportunity to hear German drummer/composer Jochen Rueckert in action on the drum kit, as well as Des White on bass.

For Sunday’s gig, the line-up is the same, but the music will include Ruerckert’s compositions and he will lead the trio.

Here are some notes copied from the Melbourne Jazz Co-operative:

“Jochen Rueckert has built a highly successful [career] in New York since relocating there in 1995 as a 20 year old. He performed in Melbourne previously in 2002 in the trio of pianist Sean Wayland (with bassist Matt Penman), after recording albums.

“Since then his playing and recording with a variety of bands include Kurt Rosenwinkel, Pat Metheny, John Abercrombie, Marc Copland Trio, Nils Wogram Quartet, Mark Turner Band, Chris Cheek, and Sam Yahel, with tours all over North and South America, eastern and western Europe, Asia and Australia.

“Rueckert is also known for his non-jazz work with NYC punk rock band Bonnie Lundy, NYC rock band Seems So Bright and electronic work with Marcus Schmickler, Jochen Bohnes, Hayden Chisholms, The inflictors, Burndt Friedman and Nublu bands, most mentionable Wax Poetic and I Led 3 Lives. He also plays bass in NYC rock band Wworldclass and programs, remixes and produces music for various artist in the electronic music/idm/breakcore sector. His programming alias is Wolff-Parkinson-White.”




Wangaratta Jazz & Blues 2011

Launched: Wangaratta Jazz & Blues festival 2011

Well, Wangaratta Jazz & Blues is being launched tonight in Wangaratta, but Ausjazz can bring you the bones of the program as artistic director Adrian Jackson is telling the event’s home town denizens what’s in store.

As predicted by Ausjazz blog, American trombonist Josh Roseman is the headline international artist, performing in two concerts with New York band members Australian expatriate pianist Barney McAll, drummer Ted Poor and multi-instrumentalist Peter Apfelbaum on tenor sax, keyboard and percussion. The Josh Roseman Unit has explored “progressive funk, electro and jazz”, and the composer has been described as having “vision” and someone who “plays ideas”.

At a media briefing, Jackson revealed that Australian pianist, composer and festival director Paul Grabowsky heard Roseman in New York last year and said he’d like to do something with the young trombonist/composer and the Australian Art Orchestra. That will happen, with Roseman bringing some of his compositions for a 14-piece AAO to explore.

Leak on Josh Roseman

Breaking news: How Ausjazz spilled the beans in the first Wangileak.

As well, Barney McAll will unveil a new suite in a premiere performance with two pianos (B. McAll and Andrea Keller), vibraphone and a 16-voice choir led by Gian Slater, who Melburnians will recall for her brilliant commission concert at BMW Edge for the Melbourne Jazz Fringe Festival. This should be a real highlight.

Apfelbaum will also perform a solo piano concert.

Ready to duo: Linda Oh will team with Gian Slater

Keeping the expatriate spirit going, Malaysian-born bassist Linda Oh, who grew up in Perth and has since moved to New York, will bring a quartet to Wangaratta to celebrate the launch of her second album. Her line-up has Fabian Almazan on piano, but differs from that on the album, with Sam Sadigursky on tenor sax and Kendrick Scott on drums. Linda Oh featured in April’s DownBeat magazine.

Another expatriate, pianist composer Walter Lampe, will travel from Amsterdam — his home of 20 years — to perform in a trio. I believe Lampe was in Sydney early this year, playing at 505 with Sydney bassist Jonathan Zwartz and former Melburnian, drummer Danny Fischer, but the line-up for Wangaratta will be Zwartz and James Hauptmann on drums.

Linda Oh & Gian Slater

Bright idea: Gian Slater joins Linda Oh in the duet at Bennetts Lane.

In a demonstration of just how good Adrian Jackson is at picking up on interesting new combinations, Oh will perform with Gian Slater in a concert of duets for bass and vocals. Jackson had the idea when he heard them together at Bennetts Lane during a recent concert with another expatriate, saxophonist Jacam Manricks.

Cuban pianist Almazan, now living in America, has toured the US, South America, Asia and Europe with Terence Blanchard and will come to Wangaratta direct from the release of his first album at the Village Vanguard. Almazan will play with Linda Oh on bass and Rodney Kendrick on drums.

Denis Colin (bass clarinet) from France and Adam Simmons (saxophones etc.) from Australia will join Benjamin Moussay on keyboards and Chander Sardjoe on drums to celebrate their collaboration as La Societe des Antipodes.

Headline artist for the blues marquee will be American singer/guitarist Jimmy D Lane, son of Chicago blues great Jimmy Rogers (it’s a stage name). Adrian Jackson said Jimmy D., who grew up with Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf as regular guests in his house, and listening to Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix, is making his first visit to Australia.

Others on the blues stage will include the consistently and quietly brilliant Collard Greens & Gravy, Jim Conway’s Big Wheel and Blue Heat. But a blues gig bound to be a huge hit will be saxophonist Paul Williamson’s Hammond Blues Revue, in which Williamson’s usual Hammond Combo line-up will be joined by guests Chris Wilson, Shannon Bourne, vocalist Ella Thompson (who sang at Wangaratta when she was 15) and James Black. Thompson has emerged through the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society’s Youth in Blues program, which helps young artists.

Luckily for anyone who has heard Paul Williamson’s Hammond Combo at Stonnington Jazz (or the Rainbow Hotel), with brilliant Hammond B3 organist Tim Neal and drummer Mike Jordan, the combo will also play a concert in the jazz program. Don’t confuse this with trumpeter Paul Williamson‘s Inside Out (with Marc Hannaford on piano, Sam Zerna on double bass and James McLean on drums), which will be very different. Both gigs are sure to be hits.

Sandy Evans

Highlight: James Greening's 'bone frames Sandy Evans at Stonnington Jazz 2011

A later post will cover other festival highlights, such as a new Sandy Evans suite and her duets with Paul Grabowsky, what Allan Browne will get up to with Elliott Dalgleish, and who’s going to judge the National Jazz Awards.