Jacam Manricks

Jacam Manricks


Jacam Manricks Quartet (New York/Sydney/Melbourne), Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne, 8.30pm Tuesday 20 August 2013, courtesy of the Melbourne Jazz C0-operative

What a line-up. Jacam Manricks is visiting from New York to promote his album Cloud Nine, which was recorded in 2011 in Brooklyn with David Weiss on trumpet, Adam Rogers on guitar, Sam Yahel on organ and Matt Wilson on drums. They play Manricks’ compositions.

Manricks was one of three finalists in the 2009 National Jazz Awards at Wangaratta Jazz Festival.

Jacam Manricks

Jacam Manricks

The alto saxophonist, composer and arranger will be in good company on Melbourne. Paul Grabowsky on piano, Alex Boneham on bass and Danny Fischer on drums  will join Manricks for this outing, so it is bound to be special.

Fischer has not too long been back from New York. Manricks has been playing at the Jazz Standard in New York with Grammy-Award winning drummer Jeff “Tain” Watts.

Manricks moved to New York in 2001 and over the past 12 years has incorporated jazz, 20th century contemporary classical music and Latin-style rhythms into his repertoire.

Jacam Manricks

Jacam Manricks

His playing and compositions have been highly lauded by the international press.

Jazz Times: First-class talent… a potent swinging chemistry… He gives the genre meaning that people can relate to and apply to their own lives.

Downbeat: Mellifluous…Meditative…Beautifully contoured…impressive collection of pieces.

All About Jazz: Superb saxophone work, intellectually stimulating writing and ingenious dovetailed rhythmic lines.

*”Man” is a generic jazz term and is not meant to be gender exclusive.

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  1. Lol. Love the disclaimer at the end. Great post btw.

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