Stephen Byth

Stephen Byth on alto with Barney McAll’s Non Compliance Mondays


Barney McAll Non Compliance Mondays, Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne, 8pm on February 15, 22 and 29.

Mondays at Bennetts Lane were Allan Browne‘s night. He brought philosophy, poetry and humour to many evenings of wonderful music, ably assisted by many musician friends and colleagues. He also brought much warmth.

I’m no one will try to replace Al Browne, but a week ago on Monday evening it was a delight to see and heat pianist Barney McAll join a bunch of talented young musicians in two sets so full of life and fun that surely our much-missed occupant of the drum kit would have heartily approved.

In the youthful line-up with Barney was Paul Cornelius tenor, Stephen Byth alto, Chris Vizard trombone and Keiren Rafferty drums. Phillip Rex provided his usual exemplary input on bass.

I loved the vigour and enthusiasm, along with the obvious talent, of these young musicians. I was also impressed by McAll’s passion as their guide and mentor — he was attentive and eager to offer praise and to push members of the group to show their skills.

Above all, Barney McAll’s Non Compliance Mondays just seemed to be a natural fit for the start of the week, kicking us off with energy and propulsion. And lots of fun.

Tonight (February 15) the line-up includes Flora Carbo, Sam Anning and Luke Andresen.

After that, who knows? But we know they won’t be compliant.


A few images below:



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