Scott Tinkler

Scott Tinklier 18 May 2015

NEXT month (after the Melbourne International Jazz Festival and after what is sure to be one hell of a party) Melbourne will lose the venue which has been at the heart of improvised music in the city for many years. Who knows what will spring up in the way of alternatives to the iconic Bennetts Lane, but as jazz in this city moves on, Ausjazz will be posting some images from the past. In this case, it’s the recent past — 18 May 2015.

You may have been in the band or in the audience, but we hope some of these pictures rekindle memories of great gigs.


Al Browne

Concentrating: Al Browne, 18 May 2015

Marty Holoubek

Marty Holoubek 18 May 2015

In the moment: Julien Wilson

In the moment: Julien Wilson, 18 May 2015

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