Hard core: Scott Tinkler

Hard core: Scott Tinkler

PREVIEW: Hard Core on the Fly, Australian Art Orchestra,
7, 14, 21 and 28 August at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, 8.30pm

Hecklers can gird their loins and other lovers of improvised music can get ready to strap themselves in and take the ride of their lives.

Tonight (7 August 2014) at 8.30pm at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club in Melbourne, and for the following three Thursdays, curator Scott Tinkler and the Australian Art Orchestra will unleash utterly unrehearsed music, created on the fly. Of course no one’s suggesting that anyone should heckle in the style of the curator, but anyone who decides to be there needs to hang on to their hat.

Hard Core on the Fly features  some of Australia’s most exciting musicians and, for two concerts only, special guest George Garzone (USA) will join the line-up.

Each week a different combination of players will feature. They will meet, sometimes for the first time, one hour directly before the gig.

George Garzone

George Garzone

Garzone will play in Melbourne on 21 August and also in Perth on 28 August during this third series of Hard Core on the Fly. 

According to series curator Scott Tinkler these performances are intended to “broaden the musician base of the AAO and introduce new energy and ideas into the improvising culture of AAO members, creating new musical relationships and recognising established ones”.

“Each of the established artists involved have very strong ideas about improvisation and varied, but well practised approaches. Each week will see some well established musical relationships with the added excitement of brand new ones lurking,” he said in a statement to eager media representatives.

 “It is my hope that in the course of collaboration through performance that every one involved is challenged to find ways to relate and communicate with the other artists. My ultimate hope is that each week the joy of exploring music through improvisation is experienced by the artists. Audiences in past years have delighted in witnessing and sharing this experience and we look forward to welcoming them again.”

As well as the gigs, for the first time the AAO will conduct private workshops on improvisation at WAAPA (Perth), the Western Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra (Perth), and Southern Cross University (Lismore). Facilitators include  Tinkler, Stephen Magnusson, James Greening, Gian Slater and Carl Dewhurst.

Peter Knight

Peter Knight fires up during the 2014 MIJF

The line-ups for each Bennetts Lane concert are as follows:

7 August

Peter Knight trumpet, electronics, Adrian Sherriff trombone, Adam King drums, Brett Thompson guitar, Matthias Schack-Arnott percussion, James Macaulay trombone

Erkki Veltheim

Erkki Veltheim

14 August

Scott Tinkler trumpet, Anthony Burr clarinet, Erkki Veltheim violin, Ren Walters guitar, Dave Beck drums, Jenny Barnes vocals

Ren Walters

Ren Walters

21 August

George Garzone (USA) saxophone, Simon Barker drums, Scott Tinkler trumpet, Samuel Pankhurst bass, Stephen Magnusson guitar, Scott McConnachie saxophone

Geoff Hughes

Geoff Hughes

28 August

Geoff Hughes guitar, Eugene Ball trumpet, Harry Shaw-Reynolds drums, Joseph O’Connor piano, Marty Holoubek bass, James Macaulay trombone



Dates: Thursday 7, 14, 21 and 28 August

Times: Doors open 8:30pm at each concert

Venue: Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne

Cost: $20 / $15 + booking fee for each concert



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