CD launch flyer for Liminal

CD launch flyer for Liminal

LATE CALL: Jex Saarelaht Trio launches the album Liminal at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Thursday 31 July 2014 at 8.30pm

Tonight there is still time to hear a live rendition of the new release by the Jex Saarelaht Trio, an album that comprises a set of six original pieces recorded live at the Esto-Cubist Jazz Festival, Bennetts Lane, in October last year.

Formed over 20 years ago, the trio, consisting of pianist/composer Jex Saarelaht, double bassist Philip Rex and drummer Niko Schäuble, has an association going back as far with the jazz club, which is also the location of their debut recording Fridays, Late.

On the title, Liminal, the trio’s notes explain it thus: “At the risk of undermining its significance, Jex was thinking of the idea in terms of transition, musically in relation to ambiguity and disorientation, and the development of the written piece through the input/improvisation of the musicians involved, not just in one performance, but over time. The choice of title for the piece in particular was also prompted by friend and drummer Peter Jones’s situation after his diagnosis with brain cancer in early 2011, when he entered a liminal state for quite a while. Ultimately the music here is a snapshot of the trio in a transitional moment, in between everything that has come before in their 20-years-plus together, and whatever may transpire and develop into the future.”

It’s late notice and it’s cold, but this launch will warm the cockles.


Liminal is available from Jazzhead

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