Barney McAll

Barney McAll with his hand-painted albums at Wangaratta Jazz 2013

On loan from New York City, pianist and composer Barney McAll has two gigs in Melbourne before his return to the US. At Bennetts Lane Jazz Club at 9pm tonight (November 13, 2013) he will be in his Non-Compliance Trio with Jonathan Zwartz on bass and Hamish Stuart on drums.

I’ll be working ’til midnight, but luckily I heard the trio at the recent Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival. I also have one of Barney’s hand-painted albums that he promises to have available at tonight’s gig.

Barney McAll

Barney McAll performs solo in Wangaratta’s Holy Trinity Cathedral in 2013.

Tomorrow night (Thursday, November 14) at 9pm, also at Bennetts Lane, he will give a solo performance of new music from his piano recording Every Piano Should Have A House In It.

Both these outings are a chance to catch the McAll magic before Barney disappears again to Obamacare country.


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