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CD LAUNCH: The Buck Stops Here, at Paris Cat Jazz Club (Goldie place, Melbourne) on Friday, 1 March 2013 at 9pm, featuring Paul Van Ross sax, Kim Kelaart Hammond B3 organ, Hugh Stuckey guitar and Hugh Harvey on drums.

Here’s one for the diary, particularly if you need an energy boost to carry you into the weekend. Why not enjoy a few Friday drinks with friends or colleagues, maybe a bite to eat, then take in this vibrant band in the comfort of Paris Cat?

On the album Mark Lockett is on drums and Craig Fermanis plays guitar on the opening track.

As the name suggests, the follow-up to to 2008’s Get Sorted is an album for which Van Ross is prepared to take responsibility, with its clear message that “the buck stops here”.

Van Ross has a special pre-launch offer on his website, with his two albums available for $30.

Here’s how the publicity material for this lively album sums it up:

The Buck Stops Here brims with the unique energy of a live performance, something that is often difficult to replicate in the studio, particularly when the program is all original compositions. By recording this album live, Paul Van Ross sought to transport listeners to that night at the Paris Cat Jazz Club in Melbourne, to experience the atmosphere of the venue, the energy and skill of the musicians, the buzz of the event and, most importantly…. the music!

A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, Paul lives in Melbourne, Australia. He studied in New York with some of the world’s leading teachers and musicians, and has toured and performed extensively in many parts the world. A talented woodwind specialist, he has performed and taught saxophone, flute and clarinet for more than 20 years.

Here’s how Van Ross describes the album: “The compositions on this album were largely inspired by an array of life experiences and influences, from family,
friends and musicians, to the many musical genres that continue to inform my playing and writing. These have combined to create a marvellous musical melting pot that is evident in the music on this album, music that should
appeal to jazz aficionados and those who enjoy the energetic buzz of live music. I hope you enjoy The Buck Stops Here.”


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