Howard Cairns

A study in concentration: Howard Cairns with his quintet.

GIG: Howard Cairns Quintet, Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, October 30, 2012 at 8.30pm

Bassist Howard Cairns has released two albums with his quintet, both demonstrating it was about time he did. Ausjazz blog has been badly remiss in not yet reviewing the second album, Compression, but gave four stars to Cairns’ first album as leader, Newell Waltz (Jazzhead).

Tonight the Melbourne Jazz Co-operative presents the quintet — a chord-less line-up of Cairns, Mike Jordan on drums, Steve Grant on cornet, Don Stewart on trombone and Julien Wilson on woodwinds.

As the MJC website states, given Cairns’ involvement with artists from the Yarra Yarra Jazz Band, Ross Hannaford, Allan Browne’s Rascals, the Dancehall Racketeers, Michelle Nicole, Andy Cowan, and Way Out West, it’s no surprise that his current line up blurs boundaries and cuts between numerous influences and feels.

“Cairns’ premiered his Quintet for the MJC in 2009. He recently launched Compression, which reflects Cairns’ interests in calypso, milonga, waltz and odd time signatures.


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