Tim Firth and Mike Nock

First among drummers: Tim Firth with one of the judges, Mike Nock

from Wangaratta: National jazz awards for 2011 (drumming) are as follows:

1. Tim Firth from Sydney
2. Ben Falle from Perth
3. Dave Goodman from Sydney.

Tim wins $8000, a studio recording session for Jazztrack with Mal Stanley on ABC Classic FM and an invitation to appear at Stonnington Jazz Festival in 2011. Ben wins $5000. Dave wins $2000.

Congratulations to the winners, finalists and all who almost made it.

Here’s a look at Tim Firth’s style in the final play-off:

Tim Firth

Sticks crossed: Tim Firth during his award-winning finals peformance.


  1. Some great shots here (once again) Roger. Interesting comparisons between selections by three critics I know: Jessica Nicholas went for Barney McAll’s Graft as top gig this year; you went for Barre Phillips & Mike Nock; and I opted for Josh Roseman with Aust Art Orch. Just shows that diversity is in the soul of the jazz critic. When is day three going to appear?

    • It is interesting that there is such diversity, but not really surprising. I need to add a couple of posts, and then I will have my full list of highlights, but that will probably not be either Graft or the Roseman AAO gig. I thought the Roseman Unit’s best was on Sunday. Graft did not work that well for me, though I appreciate it must have taken a lot of work and dedication.

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