The Antripodean Collective's NTRPDN

3.5 stars

TRUMPETER Scott Tinkler irritates when, on this second Collective outing with this line-up, he lapses into familiar patterns that verge on exercises. But he also elevates, inspires awe and is often bloody magnificent.

Violinist John Rodgers frequently unifies. On piano Marc Hannaford comforts, excites and makes the fragmentary whole. When Ken Edie‘s drums intervene, it is always apt.

Influenced by the work of American composer Elliott Carter, this entirely unscripted music emerges from the performers’ shared language. The journey is remarkably cohesive, but they don’t try to guess its destination.

Any “flat spots” are easily outweighed by experiencing the energy of raw creation, unedited and unplanned.

File between: Lost and Found, Roil

Download: Track #1, Track #2


This review was published in the Play liftout, Sunday Herald Sun on November 21, 2010.

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