What a blast! On trumpets we heard Paul Williamson, Scott Tinkler, Eugene Ball and Phil Slater. On keyboard was Marc Hannaford, on bass Sam Anning and on drums Simon Barker. The trumpets, each distinctive in tone and colour (Is that nonsense? It seems right, somehow.) wove such mingling magic as well as soloing — again each so differently — that I was swooning quietly and glowing in a brassy sort of way. And then there was Barker’s arresting forays, always seeming to well up from within him and emerge in sudden attacks before dying away. And Hannaford was the icing on the cake, his at times intricate, one-handed Roland expositions holding our attention without any flourish.

And that was only the first set. I decided to zoom off in a rush to catch the iPod mash-up at Brunswick warehouse Pea Green Boat, but I need not have hurried. That did not start until midnightish.

More pics to come when time permits.

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