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Ren Walters, Steve Magnusson

Duelling guitars: Ren Walters and Steve Magnusson


Yes, it hasn’t happened yet, but there are already pictures circulating.

In a few hours, at 6.30pm on Saturday, October 6, 2012, Uptown Jazz Cafe will host a Lynch mob as guitarists Steve Magnusson and Ren Walters present a creative project which has been 12 months in the planning. With two musicians of such talent at work, the audience is guaranteed of twin peaks in this performance.

These fascinating and free guitarists will play acoustic guitars, with effects pedals, as selected images are screened of Eraserhead, David Lynch‘s seminal 1977 surrealist masterpiece. Uptown is the ideal venue for this adventurous outing.

Magnusson is ubiquitous these days. He played at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club on Thursday with Nick Haywood, Colin Hopkins and Allan Browne (it was a hoot), then joined Frank Di Sario and Dave Beck at Uptown on Friday night (sorry I missed this).

Cost: $15/10

And moving from the surreal to the sublime, Uptown follows at 9pm with the Paul Williamson Quartet, with this Williamson on trumpet, birthday boy Marc Hannaford on piano, Sam Pankhurst on double bass and Tony Floyd on drums (very sorry I can’t make this).

Cost: $15/10



BENEFIT GIG: For saxophonist Dave Ades, at Uptown Jazz Cafe, Melbourne, from 5.30pm Sunday, 26 August

Dave Ades

Dave Ades (Picture courtesy of whoever took it.)

The word has spread far and wide, so Uptown Jazz Cafe in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy will be bulging at the seams this evening as Sonny plays host to a benefit concert for Dave Ades, who has been diagnosed with level 3 inoperable lung cancer.

Scott Tinkler has said Dave is taking on the challenge and exploring his options of treatment. According to Uptown’s website, Dave is in Germany at present.

The benefit is a bid to raise money towards helping Dave with his treatment. Those performing will include Allan Browne, Simon Barker, Julien Wilson, Scott Tinkler, Stephen Magnusson, Marc Hannaford, Sam Pankhurst and others.

All proceeds will go directly to Dave and donations at door will be gratefully accepted. Please join the gathering if you are free.

Uptown Jazz Cafe is at 177 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. Telephone: (03) 9416 4546





4 stars

Marc Hannaford piano, Sam Pankhurst bass, James McLean drums

There’s meat in this music as well as in the PDF file that serves as liner notes to this digital only release. But, despite the title’s reference to a carnivorous animal, especially the Tasmanian devil, there is no hint of frenzied tearing at raw flesh.

Rather these eight tracks are evidence of pianist Hannaford’s intelligently analytical, deliberate and sharply focused approach to compositions influenced by his immersion in the atonal and rhythmically complex music of American composer Elliott Carter.

Pankhurst and McLean are perfectly attuned to Hannaford’s intent, delivering the intensity and strength called for at times, while at others exhibiting the reserve and subtlety necessary to provide relief.

This is not music for the faint hearted, yet is far from inaccessible if the listener can give in and let the currents and eddies have full control.

Go with it as you would on a carnival ride that is totally unexpected in its changes of direction and pace, builds expectation through developing patterns of movement, thrills with the robust drive of the chase and slows to periods almost of quiescence and this album will sustain and delight. But struggle against the momentum in a vain search for more easeful and traditional melodies or harmonies and this music will be difficult.

A sense of wry humour is always present. It’s easy to imagine an unfamiliar audience requesting “something we know” and getting track three, Something We Know, or calling for “something we can dance to” and getting the final track, Something We Can Dance To.

One person’s meat is another person’s poison (to use the PC version of the saying), but even musical vegetarians should get their teeth into Sarcophile, provided they are prepared to get a taste for it.


Sarcophile is available through iTunes, Bandcamp and cdbaby

Sarcophile booklet

An image from the downloadable PDF of this album.