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Boggy Creek Bop

Boggy Creek Bop

4 stars

IS there such a thing as too much sax? Yes, if you’re not in the mood, but in this debut by saxophone quartet SNAP that is not likely.

US record producer George Coppens believed saxes should be heard only in groups of four, but that limitation has not curbed the creativity and inventiveness of this outing.

New York expatriate Phillip Johnston (soprano, alto) joins Sydney’s Sandy Evans (tenor), Paul Cutlan (alto) and Nick Bowd (baritone) to convey many moods and styles.

Evans’s Five Portraits of Bellingen suite includes the wonderfully evocative Dawn Over Gumbaynggirr Country and the lively fun of Urungatang and Street Party.
Johnston’s pensive Reviled will be deeply valued, as will this thoroughly saxy album.

File between: Gest8, Ten Part Invention
Download: Reviled, Street Party


Review also published in Play liftout of Sunday Herald Sun, Melbourne, on December 5, 2010.