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Marc Hannaford

Marc Hannaford plays piano at Uptown Jazz Cafe during the recent launch of Ordinary Madness

Marc Hannaford on Ordinary Madness, recorded in one chart-free session in St Kilda with American saxophonist Tim Berne, and Melbourne musicians Scott Tinkler on trumpet, Philip Rex on bass and Simon Barker on drums:

“I’m recording with some of my favourite musicians in Australia and one of my favourite musicians from America … The buzz for me was fantastic. I think there’s some really great music on there. I love this in music, it’s not all polished and nice and neat. It’s dirty and jagged and rough and human.

“One of my least favourite sounds in music is this pristine, polished, perfect sound. I just don’t understand it a lot of the time. I like the dirt. I think both recordings really [Ordinary Madness and Sarcophile, with bassist Sam Pankhurst and drummer James McLean] have a lot of dirt in there. You can hear people nutting things out as they go and that’s exciting.”

In the following “podcast”, Hannaford tells Ausjazz blog about the two new albums and why he has decided to release them digitally rather than on CD:

(If this audio file does not load — it is reasonably large — you may have listen to the interview online via a computer with a broadband connection.)

John McBeath has reviewed the albums in The Australian:

Miriam Zolin has interviewed Marc Hannaford for her Jazz Planet website

Reviews by Roger Mitchell will be posted on Ausjazz.net soon.

The Marc Hannaford Trio will launch Sarcophile at Bennetts Lane, Melbourne on Sunday, March 18, starting at 9pm.