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TEN PART INVENTION at Chapel Off Chapel

Ten Part Invention
Bertles, Robson, Evans, James

It was fantastic to have this Sydney ensemble in Melbourne, though the band’s obvious enthusiasm at having come south was tempered a little by the absence of the bandleader, Bell Awards Hall of Fame member John Pochee, and by departure of saxophonist Ken James, who has settled in Hamilton, Victoria. It is to be hoped Pochee recovers quickly and can make it next time Ten Part Invention returns to Melbourne — which must be soon. James is expected to be able to play with the band occasionally, but was given a send-off during the Chapel Off Chapel gig.

Filling in at very short notice on drums — he is making a habit of it — was Ronny Ferella, with virtually no rehearsal and without having played with the band previously. He did not have stories to tell, as Pochee likes to do, but he did a great job.

The line-up on the night was Paul McNamara on piano, Steve Elphick on bass, Warwick Alder and Miroslav Bukovsky on horns, James Greening on trombone, Bob Bertles on baritone sax, Sandy Evans on tenor sax, Ken James on soprano and tenor sax, Andrew Robson on alto sax and Ronny Ferella on drums.

Again, time is hampering my ability to add a review of the gig at this stage. Suffice to say it was exhilarating. The musicians seemed to be having a lot of fun and this came through to the audience, which disappointingly was not as large as expected given Ten Part Invention plays in Melbourne so rarely. We do seem to have a habit of not turning out in large numbers when a bunch of talented Sydney musicians come to town, but you’d expect this band to be well known.

For now, here are some images. In time I will add a few words about the concert.

 Ten Part Invention
Ferella and Greening

 Ten Part Invention
Robson, Evans, James

 Ten Part Invention
Greening and James

 Ten Part Invention
Greening, Bukovsky and James

 Ten Part Invention
Robson, Elphick and Evans

 Ten Part Invention
Evans, Ferella, James and Greening

 Ten Part Invention
Bertles, Robson, Evans and James

 Ten Part Invention
Greening, Bukovsky and Alder

When in Rome — Wanderlust

CD cover to come


SIX pieces from an unplanned live recording during Wanderlust’s second visit, in 2004, to Villa Celimontana jazz festival make up this fifth album.
Guests Joseph Tawadros (oud) and former band member Adam Armstrong (acoustic bass) join leader/composer Miroslav Bukovsky (trumpet, flugelhorn), James Greening (trombone, didgeridoo), Alister Spence (piano, keyboards) and Fabian Hevia (drums) in a selection from the repertoire of the past 15 years.
Apart from Spence’s Samba Nova, all are Bukovsky compositions that have featured on the band’s self-titled CD or on Song and Dance, albeit in much shorter forms.
Fortunately sound engineer Daniele Di Giovani pressed the record button. The oud and didgeridoo add significant atmosphere and, freed from studio constraints, the players produce inspired, compelling music.
Highlights are haunting Dakar, vivacious Bronte Cafe, the interplay of Pressure Makes Diamonds and gentle elegance of MDD.

DOWNLOAD: Bronte Cafe
FILE BETWEEN: The Catholics, Pete La Roca