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Meeting of the Waters — Mike Nock Project

Meeting of the Waters


THE mastery showed when pianist composer Mike Nock played at the 2008 Wangaratta Festival of Jazz with two able apprentices, bassist Mike Majkowski and drummer James Waples. They left us wanting more and marvelling at Nock’s continuing creative energy.

This understated, relaxed and harmonious album, recorded after a 2004 Project performance at Wangaratta, is deeply satisfying. Joining Nock, eight accomplished musicians — including Julien Wilson (tenor sax), Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Eugene Ball (trumpet) and Dale Gorfinkel (vibes) — play mostly Nock compositions.

The exceptions, Mysteries by Majkowski and Atavism by young pianist Jackson Harrison, show Nock celebrating emerging talent.

Highlights from Nock’s pen are the title track, Patience, Cyboreal and Sho’s Cradle Song.

In short: Nock and friends let talent roll down like waters.