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Daniel Gassin Sextet

3.5 stars

THE complexity and diversity of the ensemble pianist Daniel Gassin gathers to air his compositions on this outing suit the material.

On reeds are Phil Noy (alto) and Anton Delecca (tenor), Pat Thiele and Cam McAllister share horn roles, Michael Story is on bass, and on two tracks Felipe Cornejo on bata drums joins Craig Simon on drum kit.

The emphasis is on changing rhythms, patterns and textures rather than melodies, with energy, tension and attention to detail resulting in wonderful busyness.

Yet Interlude, McDaniel Avenue, Crossover and San Jose, in which McAllister shines, celebrate the simplicity of solo instruments.

Gassin’s piano is eclectic, providing propulsion or tripping lightly over Simon and Story’s strong foundation.

Download: Banff Song, San Jose

File beside: Johannes Luebbers Dectet


This review was published also in the Play section of Melbourne’s Sunday Herald Sun on September 3, 2011.

Libran Balance — Cam McAllister Quintet

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CAM McAllister (trumpet and flugelhorn) believes composition comes more naturally to him than playing. His debut album, which he says is “not about lengthy improvisation”, has an orchestrated feel.
Carefully crafted compositions balance the talents of Dave Rex (alto sax), Mark Fitzgibbon (piano), Tamara Murphy (acoustic bass) and Ben Vanderwal (drums), with Jordan Murray as guest trombonist on three tracks.
At the album’s Bennetts Lane launch last month, the music seemed strong, but cool. The recording highlights flowing, elegant harmonies, backed by strong rhythms from Fitzgibbon, Murphy and Vanderwal.
There is enduring appeal in the complex, interweaving patterns of White Knight, gentle Waterfall and beautiful Clear. McAllister’s short solo on All Roads Lead to Roam recalls the greats he admires. It all reflects a preference for feeling over the “clever” or “different”.