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Nathan Brown album launch tour

I doubt that many musicians — other than perhaps Julien Wilson — would want to bother with the cut and thrust of a life in Australian politics. So dual citizenship is pretty much irrelevant, except that most musicians do have a finely tuned sense of justice and a good grasp of what’s important in life (in other words, not constitutional collywobbles).

But when a New Zealand acoustic bass player ends up releasing his first album while living in New York, that’s a kind of dualistic outcome is it not? Drawing a long bow? Well, maybe.

I’ll be frank in saying that this post is hasty and far too late in coming. I have had a few too many things on my plate lately — including a bee hive swarming — to catch up with everything that needs doing.

Many jazz fans will be journeying north or south to Wangaratta today (Friday) to catch the delights of the annual feast of music at the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues. But for those who can’t make that, consider heading out to hear Nathan Brown at work.

Upright bass player Nathan Brown is in Australia on a tour to mark the release of his new album This Is the Moment (Gut Strings Records). He lives in New York City and leads a guitar/bass/drums trio.

His tour through New Zealand and Australia is being promoted by Mark Lockett and, after beginning on October 21 in Queenstown, has proceeded to Lazybones Lounge in Sydney for a gig last night (Thursday, November 2).

Tonight the venue is Doo-bop Jazz Club in Brisbane, followed by that most welcoming and wonderful venue The Jazzlab on November 4. A gig at Lebowskis follows on November 5, followed by a final night at the Wheatsheaf Hotel for Creative Original Music Adelaide.

The Jazzlab gig is an early one — doors open 6pm. And after Nathan Brown’s performance the Kari Ikonen Trio comes on at 9pm.

Nathan Brown has performed as a side man with an array of world class musicians including Wess “Warmdaddy” Anderson, Randy Brecker, Carl Allen, John Faddis, Wycliffe Gordon, Lewis Nash, and Paquito D’Rivera. He also performs regularly with New York based Australian and New Zealand musicians such as Mark Lockett, Matt Baker, Adrian Cunningham, J.C. Stylles and Graeme Norris.

This Is The Moment is Nathan’s first attempt at crossing the bridge between side man and front man. For Nathan the album offers a chance to step in the spotlight and become recognised as a bandleader and composer in his own right.

For years Nathan’s New York trio (featuring Felix Lemerle on guitar and Peter Traunmuller on drums) have been performing a weekly residency at Cleopatra’s Needle. Through these weekly shows, the trio’s style began to mature. Nathan is heavily influenced by legendary bassist Paul Chambers, Felix by the sound of guitarist Grant Green, and Peter by the drumming style of Philly Joe Jones.

When Nathan Brown was preparing for this recording project he was wondering what it would be like if these masters, — Paul Chambers / Grant Green / Philly Joe Jones — were alive today. What if they played in a trio together? What songs, influenced by today’s music, would they perform? These questions guided the writing and arranging of  original music for this album and the selecting of cover songs.

Here are some assessments of the Nathan Brown Trio performing on This Is The Moment:

“The Brown crew knows how to serve it up just right. With cool school bopping leading the way, this is a cat that easily convinces you to stay out late on school nights to dig.” – Chris Spector at Midwest Records

“This trio, led by bassist Nathan Brown, demonstrates a commitment to the old values of ‘50s Modern Jazz. The Aesthetic is remarkably well-dialed in.” – Fritz Balwit at Audiophile Audition

Nathan Brown “lays down quarter notes as fat as half-dollars” – Fritz Balwit at Audiophile Audition

“With so much new and timeless instrumental jazz music on hand, the real attraction here is the spirited musical interplay between Brown, Lemerle and Traunmueller. Jazz fans will be in for an excellent sonic surprise with this fine new CD by The Nathan Brown Trio.” – Robert Steven Silverstein at Music Web Express 3000

“This is a swingin’, fun recording that will have you off your feet doing your happy dance! The originals are very melodic and accessible to a wide audience. The standards are given a fresh sound (Favorite: This is the Moment.) while relentlessly swinging all the way through. This trio has it together! 5 Stars for Mainstream radio!” – John Zimbrick, PhD., Producer and Host of Jazz Cornucopia on WBAA, Purdue Public Radio, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN



  1. Sorry i missed hearing this. And no thanks to the entertaining but infuriating prospect of a career in politics. 🙂

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