Paul Grabowsky

Paul Grabowsky



Paul Grabowsky’s Moons of Jupiter, Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, 8pm, Monday 30 May, 2016

If you don’t pale at the full force of Scott Tinkler‘s trumpah, or the extraordinarily rapid bow work of Erkki Veltheim, or the colossal keyboard antics of Paul Grabowsky, this music is for you.

Not that there are not periods of lower intensity. But this is a monumental work by musicians of great stature.

I heard it last Monday. There are a few pictures below.

The moons of Jupiter must be something else. That’s my conclusion.

Don’t miss it. And maybe take some ear plugs.

Here’s the background:

“This project heralds a new direction and new music from Paul Grabowsky, and a renewal of one of the most important relationships in his musical career with the astounding trumpeter Scott Tinkler. Much of the music experiments with tempo and metre and sits on the cusp of contemporary classical music, contemporary jazz and experimental rock music.

“Paul’s co-conspirators on this sojourn will be the aforementioned Scott Tinkler with, Erkki Veltheim (5 string electric violin) Phil Rex (bass), Dave Beck (drums) & Peter Knight (laptop).”


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