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Three musicians that stand tall in Australian improvised music are trumpeters Scott Tinkler and Phil Slater, and drummer Simon Barker. Their work has pushed boundaries; their intensity and focus has delivered drama to performances that linger long after the last notes have died away.

Two years ago, in the US, Tinkler played with Mark Dresser, who plays bass with Trio M, which is a cooperative band consisting of three musicians acclaimed as improvisers, composers and bandleaders. With pianist Myra Melford on piano and Matt Wilson on drums, Trio M expressed an interest in playing with local musicians during the Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival. The US trio had its eye on Tinkler, Slater and Barker.

The three local lads will play with Trio M on Saturday November 3rd at 8:30 pm in the WPAC (Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre) Theatre. Tinkler will play a duo gig with Dresser at Holy Trinity Cathedral at 4pm on Sunday, November 4.

Trio M will perform unadorned twice, at 2pm on Saturday, November 3 in St Patrick’s Hall and at 1pm on Sunday November 4 in WPAC Theatre.

Artistic director of the festival, Adrian Jackson, has commented that Trio M is not avant garde in the sense of being at all difficult to listen to, but its members are creative and daring in the way they play.

As Melford puts it, “Our music is centered within the broadest view of the jazz tradition in which a wide range of musical styles and personalities outside of our genre are the source of our inspiration. The common threads in our music are beauty, energy, rhythm, harmony, timbre, improvisational fantasy and a joy of sonic communion.

“Expect swing, tunefulness, sounds, energetic improvising, and the pleasures of collective music making.”

I am looking forward in particular to the collective music making within the collaborative gigs.


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