Jagermeister nominees for Best Independent Jazz Album



The Jagermeister Independent Music Awards judges — all 100 of them — have sent in their votes for the jazz category, with the top six albums being announced as nominees for the Best Independent Jazz Album. There are plenty of familiar names. The winning album will be announced at The 6th Annual Jagermeister Independent Music Awards presentation on Wednesday, October 12.

Here are the nominees:


Allan Browne, Marc Hannaford, Sam Anning: Shreveport Stomp (Jazzhead)

Daniel Gassin Sextet: Daniel Gassin Sextet (Which Way Music)

Elixir featuring Katie Noonan: First Seed Ripening (ABC Music)

Mark Isaacs Resurgence Band: Aurora (Gracemusic)

Sandy Evans: When The Sky Cries Rainbows (ABC Music)

Shannon Barnett Quartet: Country (Which Way Music)

Congratulations to the nominees and commiserations to Timothy Stevens (Scare Quotes), which Jeremy from Bennetts Lane and Ausjazz blog judged worthy of being a nominee. It’s all about the numbers, after all.

For any who are not up to speed on these awards, Nick O’Byrne, General Manager of Australian Independent Record Labels Association, explains that they are presented by The Australian Independent Record Labels Assocoiation. AIR is the national body that represents independent master rights owners (record labels and self-released artists).

“Its main tasks are advocacy, professional development for labels, collective bargaining and promotion of the independent sector (that’s where these awards fit in),” O’Byrne says.

Here is the awards website: awards website

“There at 11 categories in these awards. The Best Independent Jazz Album Award is selected by approximately 100 members of a judging pool that we’ve put together which comprises Jazz focussed musicians, bloggers, reviewers, broadcasters and music industry representatives. We’ve worked hard over the last couple of years to build a strong pool of knowledgeable members of the jazz community to help us decide who should win the award.

“We asked the judging pool to nominate albums for a long-list. This long-list (about 45 albums) is then re-presented to the judging pool from which they vote for their favourite three albums in order. We tally up all votes and announce the top 5 as official ‘nominees’,” O’Byrne says. (He may mean the top six).


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