Allan Browne Trio CD launch at Uptown Jazz Cafe, 9pm, July 5

Sam Anning

Sam Anning catches a catnap during a solo before heading to New York

Does this look familiar? Yes it’s that characteristic pose of a bass player catching some shut-eye after a night on the town or before a long flight to the US.

If you have not heard Al Browne, Marc Hannaford and Sam Anning perform material similar to what’s on their new album Shreveport Stomp — in other words, whatever Marc decides to play with Allan and Sam taking it somewhere special — get to Uptown Jazz Cafe tomorrow night. It may be your last chance to catch Sam Anning before he disappears into the sultry nightclubs of New York.

And you may just hear the story about how the trio was mistaken for three drunks during the recording of their album.


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