Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra, Chapel Off Chapel, Monday, May 23 as part of Stonnington Jazz, 2011

Joseph O'Connor

Joseph O'Connor conducts the Mothership in "Rationalisations".

Breaking news:

Joseph O’Connor from Queensland has won the 2011 National Big Band Composition Competition in a play-off hosted by Stonnington Jazz. He wins $3500 for his piece Rationalisations, which was performed by Sydney’s Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra as part of its national tour.

The other two finalists were Cameron Earl, who composed Run Run, and Alice Humphries, whose piece was titled The Mending.

The Orchestra performed the three pieces in their first set for the festival, following it with a set of some of the band members’ compositions and some by vocalist Kristin Berardi, who joined the band for four numbers.

Cameron Earl conducts JMO in "Run Run".

Cameron Earl conducts JMO in "Run Run".

The Finalists travelled to Melbourne to rehearse and conduct the JMO at the concert. All finalists receive music composition and notation software Finale 2011. The cash prize is provided courtesy of APRA.

There was stiff competition this year, with 22 compositions received. Cam MacCallister (now in Sydney) and Elliot Hughes from WA were given a special commendation, missing out by the narrowest of margins on being finalists.

JMO runs the big band composition competition in conjunction with APRA, ABC Classic FM, Intelliware (Finale) and JozzBeat.

More on the Mothership gig with Kristin Berardi soon.


Alice Humphries conducts JMO in "The Mending"

Alice Humphries conducts JMO in "The Mending"

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