Katya Sourikova Quartet (Berlin)


Katya Sourikova

Katya Sourikova (Pic supplied)

Bennetts Lane, Sunday, February 20 at 9pm, courtesy of the Melbourne Jazz Cooperative

Katya Sourikova piano, Paul Van Ross tenor sax, Tom Lee double bass and Mark Lockett drums

Russian-born and British trained pianist and composer Katya Sourikova is based in Berlin. Melbourne Jazz Cooperative describes her as having been “recognised by jazz heavyweights including Dave Douglas and Marilyn Crispell as a fresh new voice in jazz. Her music has a strong visual and storytelling aspect, taking in both classical and folk influences as well as paying homage to the great American Jazz tradition.”

Sourikova has released two albums: Steps in the Snow and Angels and Satellites with UK label Weave Records, recorded in the USA and Canada.

On Sunday Sourikova will perform material from her forthcoming album, Ivan’s Dream.

Among reviewer’s comments, MJC lists:

“Sourikova is a modern jazz pianist whose narrative style favours delicate lyricism and a spacious approach to melody.” – Timeout London

“Katya Sourikova is an original thinker in her composing and piano playing, constantly experimenting to maintain the audience’s interest.” – Baku International Jazz Festival

Here is an example of Katya playing live in Berlin in August this year.

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