John Clare
John Clare in full flight as extempore editor Miriam Zolin reflects.

Wangaratta Festival of Jazz opens with a journal

Yes, the latest – third – issue of the journal extempore has been launched at St Patricks Hall at the opening of the 2009 Wangaratta Festival of Jazz. Mick Nock set the volume on its way and editor/publisher Miriam Zolin looked relieved that it had all come together again.

And what a great edition. The printing and/or stock is not the key ingredient, of course, but it has greatly improved and the images are displayed superbly. Most importantly, there is a feast of reading again and anyone who buys a copy or subscribes will be deeply satisfied.

Zolin read from PS Cottier’s poem The point of Jazz, which was graphic and bloodily warm. Geoff Page read from his work and John Clare ably acted out a little of his verbatim piece “I cutta the balls off”, about becoming a professional writer.

All power to extempore.

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