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Charles Lloyd

Charles Lloyd with young fan, Cristian, 9.


Maria Farantouri and Charles Lloyd respond to questions, The Langham, Melbourne, 1pm, Saturday 31 May

It was easy to see that Charles Lloyd‘s heart was warmed this afternoon when asked a question about his album, Forest Flowers. His questioner, Cristian, was nine years of age.

Lloyd spoke about the inspiration for the album and, among other things, mentioned it was a response to “the dreamer in me” and his love of nature. Then he asked Cristian how he had discovered the vinyl album and, obviously moved, said, “We need to multiply you somehow.”

Lloyd may have been happy that the young fan loved his music, but his comment showed that his greatest pleasure came from the fact that one so young had taken such a delight in seeking out music and enjoying it. Lloyd was thinking how great it would be if many more youngsters had that same sense of discovery.

Maria Farantouri

Maria Farantouri

I’m posting this in a hurry, so can’t do justice right now to the topics covered in this hour of conversation in which Maria Farantouri and Lloyd responded to questions from Miriam Zolin and from members of the audience.

Charles Lloyd

Charles Lloyd

Suffice to say, for now, that a strong bond has grown up between the Greek singer and the musician who sees himself as a singer, with the saxophone as his voice.

This unity of spirit and great understanding will no doubt shine through when they perform The Greek Project at the Melbourne Town Hall tomorrow, Sunday 1 June at 7.30pm.


Charles Lloyd

Charles Lloyd with Cristian, 9, who collects vinyl and found the Forest Flower album.