Origami — The Blues of Joy

4 stars

Listen/Hear Collective

The hand-folded CD case is ingenious, but as the music unfolds it is clear this trio is thinking outside the box.

For this outing of mostly his originals, Adam Simmons uncharacteristically limits himself to alto sax, taking obvious delight in its versatility.

Howard Cairns
, on bowed as well as plucked bass, and Anthony Baker on drums are equally moved to celebrate their instruments’ timbre and dynamics.

Don’t be lulled by the dreamy, slow openers, or the title track’s playful verve.

The grit comes in darkly tense Chimera, with growling bowed bass and protesting sax, and the restless, edgy Morse Code.

Jitters is carefree before a minor maelstrom, Chasing Cars revels in unhurried spaces.

Origami’s debut discloses many layers of intensity.

Download: Chimera, Morse Code

File between: Tom Christensen, Sandy Evans


This review also appeared in the Play liftout of Melbourne’s Sunday Herald Sun on October 16, 2011.

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