Help Japan

This is a plug as much as a review, but I’ve just had a listen to a digital album downloadable for $15 from Listen/Hear Collective website.

The Collective has created this compilation to contribute to the recovery efforts in Japan after the devastating March earthquakes and flood. It includes previously unreleased material from new Listen/Hear artists Kynan Tan and Peter Knight. Other contributors include Johannes Luebbers Dectet (a real hit at Wangaratta Festival of Jazz); Motion and a remix of its Hear Now by Canadian-based Italian sound artist, Giorgio Magnanensi; The Grid; Mace Francis Orchestra; big band ATM15 and The Twoks. That is a great line-up.

It is worth getting regardless of the album’s fundraising potential for a good cause. Have a listen, hear and collectively hit the “buy now” button. And I don’t work for L/H Collective, in case you’re asking!

The Collective says all proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross and you can immediately download the 11-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or “just about any other format you could possibly desire”. I think “desire” is a bit strong when we are talking types of downloads, but there you go. That’s publicist lingo, perhaps.



  1. Love it! Music and Art can merge and help the cause to help Japan!

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