Sunday, March 20 at 9pm, Bennetts Lane, Melbourne


Marinucci, Gould, Manins

Tony Gould, Imogen Manins and Gianni Marinucci at Stonnington Jazz,

Gianni Marinucci trumpet and flugelhorn, Tony Gould piano and Imogen Manins cello

Sundays used to be days of worship and reverence for many of us, and the chords and melodies of hymns are deeply embedded in our musical memory banks. Many of us have left that music behind in the process of shedding beliefs, but the beauty and mystery and — it often seemed — the rich exultation and sadness have left their mark, even if at times it shows mostly in an imperative to find alternatives that are challenging, dissonant or provocative.

Marinucci, Gould and Manins are not inviting us to worship, but they may well inspire us to reverence with the beauty of their playing and allow us to sink deeply into the luxurious timbres of their instruments.

I don’t know what this trio will be playing, but I don’t expect it to be at all jarring or hard to take. This Sunday could well be a time for quiet reverence. No drums, no bass; just the mingling voices of these three instruments (well, four if you count Gianni’s two horns).

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