3.5 stars

THE Vampires’ debut album, South Coasting, was a horn-lover’s feast, with Jeremy Rose (alto sax) and Nick Garbett (trumpet) jousting and joining delightfully and guest Shannon Barnett (trombone) adding warmth and depth on five of 11 tracks.

Chellowdene has a lighter, brighter feel, with Barnett sitting in on only two of nine Rose and Garbett originals.

Alex Masso stays on drums, Alex Boneham replaces Mike Majkowski on double bass and Fabian Hevia provides percussion.

Latin, salsa and reggae influences help lift the spirits and rich horn harmonies are balm for the soul. Lovers of soulful lament can find it in Red Head and Balkan Dance.

The Vampires’ melodic horns are tasty, but let’s hear more meat from Barnett’s ‘bone.

Download: I Saw Blue Then White
CD launch: Sept 12, 9pm, Bennetts Lane (with assistance from Melbourne Jazz Cooperative)


Review published in Sunday Herald Sun on September 5, 2010

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