Andrea Keller Quartet

3.5 stars

A TRIUMPHANT gallop, as Lewis Carroll conceived “galumphing”, is an apt description of this foursome’s national tour, armed with Andrea Keller’s compositions and invitations for guests along the way to make up a quintet.

So Miroslav Bukovsky, Phil Slater, Bernie McGann, Jamie Oehlers, John Rodgers and Stephen Magnusson in turn join the core of Keller (piano), Eugene Ball (trumpet), Ian Whitehurst (tenor sax) and Joe Talia (drums).

The result is a feast of compositional and playing styles, as Keller’s inventiveness intersects with the creativity of guests on their chosen instruments. Trumpet complements trumpet, sax adds to sax, and violin and guitar each contribute their tone and timbre.

Galumphing ably airs the nation’s talent.

Download: For Bernie, Small Comforts
CD launch: Aug 29, Uptown Jazz Cafe, 7pm


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