EVEN a teenager hyped from performing in a high school play can be calmed by Magnolia’s debut album on the car stereo, debating whether it is “serene” or “tranquil” music.

An afternoon’s playing by friends has become an album of original compositions, as band members from FGHR (Stationary, Going Home) — Daniel Furrugia on drums/percussion, Leonard Grigoryan on guitars/harmonica and Luke Howard on piano/keyboards — join Ryan Monro on bass, Ross Irwin on flugelhorn and Ben Edgar on guitars/lap steel. Edgar’s lap steel helps build the lush, harmonically rich feel, inviting the listener to sink into long grass and enjoy. This is a warm, recuperative outing.

File between: Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois

Download: New Gold Mountain


Review published previously in Sunday Herald Sun, Melbourne

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