Wrapped In Plastic

IT is surprising how well this music, inspired by artistic concepts of filmmaker David Lynch, stands up independently of its links — obvious in the track titles — to Twin Peaks. The Lynch-pin track, 23-minute Log Lady, is slow to develop, but totally absorbing and unexpectedly restful despite its mood of mystery, dark portents and events unfolding.
The composer, trombonist Kynan Robinson, has created — with Marc Hannaford on piano, Mick Meagher on bass, Joe Talia on drums, Pat Thiel on trumpet and Lawrence Folvig on guitar — a well-integrated journey in sound. Horns give a sense of space and significance, while DJ Element adds snippets of voice and “bird calls” that are not out of place. This is a surreal body of work worth unwrapping.

File between: The Necks, DJ Shadow
Download: Log Lady


Review published previously in Sunday Herald Sun, Melbourne

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