Nine Lives Slipping

JONES’S voice skates, floats, skips, darts and dives over an ever-changing sea of notes. The words — most from the pen of partner Deanne Adams — dance lightly, insightfully, into life’s pivotal and precious moments.

Hayden, as on his ARIA-nominated 1997 album Whisper Not, is ably accompanied. This line-up — Mark Fitzgibbon on piano, Eugene Ball on trumpet, Sam Anning on bass and Niko Schauble on drums — is a perfect complement, supporting the vocals then seamlessly exploring further.
When Adams sought permission from Freddie Hubbard to set her lyrics to his tune Little Sunflower, he agreed, via his publisher, with the query, “Who are you guys?” The result, Kiss the Sea, is a moving delight.

File between: Joe Williams, Jamie Cullum
Download: Kiss the Sea


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