Ink on paper

THE challenge of this solo double bass outing is to put aside expectations and be led into Majkowski’s “sound world”, focusing on the rich auditory experience rather than hoping for harmony or melody. The absence of these “distractions” allows us to really listen to each sound, fully experiencing its vivid intensity.

The sonic array is mesmerising, even meditative as Majkowski experiments with pizzicato, bow, his voice, prepared bass, and, on the title track, six hours of takes edited as overdubs to form a 20-minute piece.

What he produces is the key, not how it’s done. In Current, pauses between notes create expectancy that gradually dissolves as we focus on the timbre of notes Majkowski creates by smearing his hand over the timber instrument. The resonance is wonderful.

File between: Roil, Antripodean Collective
Download: Foam and Straw


Review published previously in Sunday Herald Sun, Melbourne

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