Yma Jam Yma — The Natives

Cover image to come


AT the Yarra Edge Theatre launch of Yma Jam Yma, Gideon Brazil (saxophones, flute) effusively thanked ensemble members for giving his compositions life.
The Natives, including Shannon Barnett on trombone, Tamara Murphy on double bass and Ronny Ferella on drums, did so without fuss or flourish, demonstrating the cohesion of five years as a sextet.
The album is equally restrained, with solos integral to the ensemble rather than vying for attention. Intelligent rather than emotive compositions give all instruments space.
Among standout solos are Barnett’s understated ‘bone on The Groove Collector and Brazil’s baritone sax and Ed Fairlie’s mood-smoothing, muted trumpet on the excellent 37 Degrees & Rising. Ad Lieb, a tribute to Dave Liebman, has much going for it, from Brazil’s tenor sax, Murphy’s bass and a great ‘bone interlude.

Available from Title music, Fitzroy 61 3 9417 4477


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