The Snip — Bennetts Lane Big Band

CD cover to come

(ABC Jazz)

IT IS a gross generalisation of city stereotypes, but Sydney’s Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra is bold and brassy, fast-paced and up front, while Melbourne’s Bennetts Lane Big Band is introspective, exploring moods and plumbing deep feelings.
Recorded in 2002, soon after the band’s formation, The Snip reflects a more limited repertoire than the current BLBB line-up, but the talent in composition and improvisation is undeniable.
Nine originals by eight of the 11 band members include classic fare, such as Adrian Sherriff’s bass trombone delving deep in Blues for Lambie, writhing sax in Foot, the complex unity in Requiem for a Parking Attendant and the afternoon sunshine feel as edges come off in The Spherical Suite.
Whether abrasive, languid, restless, sublimely beautiful or challenging, this snapshot of a great big band is a feast.

BLBB plays Bennetts Lane on the first Monday of every month.

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