Mickets — Tim Stevens Trio

CD cover to come


TIM Stevens took the title from his son’s first stab at the word “music” and the idea of developing language suits the trio’s evolving direction. With Ben Robertson on bass and Dave Beck on drums, the pianist released Nine Open Questions in 2004 and Three Friends In Winter in 2005. Mickets extends their collaboration with a return to improvisation within written forms.
There are no surprises, but plenty of rewards for the attentive listener in these eight Stevens originals and the classical Litanies, by French organist/composer Jehan Alain. The players’ deep empathy helps to maintain an organic whole amid subtle, yet profound, changes of tempo and mood.
It’s understated, individual music, with variety and depth. In Rufus Redux there’s a relaxed intricacy, but plenty of rhythmic energy. The delicacy of Prologue-like and the sombre feel of ballads Pray Without Ceasing and The Body Desolate as a Staircase contrast with the stronger, driving piano and bass in Our Little Systems and Sly-Pie.

DOWNLOAD: Our Little Systems
FILE BETWEEN: John Taylor, Bobo Stenson


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