Lynnville — Leigh Barker Quintet

CD cover to come

ON its third album, recorded live in June last year at Bennett’s Lane, the quintet reflects the whole jazz tradition, with bassist bandleader Leigh Barker drawing on blues, country and gospel influences in his four compositions.
It’s honest, unpretentious music played with obvious joy and a commitment to good old fashioned swing.
Beethoven Blues and Lynnville hark back to 2005’s Off to Moruya (rereleased in 2007). Barker’s tribute to country guitarist Bill Friselle is laid back, but there’s grit in drummer Alastair McGrath-Kerr’s Guts of Steel. John Felstead’s Hoergarden Blues gives Eamon McNelis a chance to shine, but trumpet and sax are at their best on the title track.
Quintet became quartet for the recent CD launch, with McNelis (trumpet) in Europe with the Hoodangers, Julian Banks replacing John Felstead on saxophones and pianist/accordion player, Matt Boden, travelling from his Paris home to Paris Cat.

DOWNLOAD: Lynnville
FILE BETWEEN: The Andrea Keller Quintet, Cam McAllister Quintet


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