Hold Your Breath — The Conglomerate

CD cover to come


IT’S a toss-up what grabs the attention when the Conglomerate plays live. Is it the distinctive voice of Harry Angus, as much a musical instrument as a vehicle for lyrics, or his showmanship? Whether playing trumpet one-handed or while gripping a stubby, Angus is all madcap spontaneity and fun.
At the recent Bennetts Lane launch of its second CD, the band — Angus and Ollie McGill (keyboards) of Cat Empire fame, with Jules Pascoe (double bass) and Harry Shaw-Reynolds (drums) — had not played together for more than a year. They improvised freely to a captivated crowd. Angus’s voice was at times a call to prayer, then a didgeridoo.
The album, recorded in 2005, is different, with string sections, but there is a definite stage show feel.
Favourites Yakini (The Last Gorilla) and One Star Hotel, with Angus’s humorous, intelligent lyrics, display all the musicians’ considerable talent.


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