Black Money


THE name McAll is usually associated with New York-based pianist/composer Barney, but this is the first time his elder brother, John, pianist on 40-plus albums, has been bandleader and composer. The less-known McAll has waited a long time, but his breadth of experience shows in eight originals, each with a story to impart.

Imbued with dark references (Axe Dig Gun), black humour (Behind the Bushes), and elation/melancholy (Glitter and Dust), the music is immediately appealing and often upbeat (Garage Jazz, Boogie Dragon).

With him to record in New Jersey in 2007 were drums educator Tommy Igoe, trombonist Curtis Fowlkes, expatriate bassist Matt Clohesy, and alto saxophonist David Rex. Overdubs last year in Melbourne featured Adam Simmons on bass clarinet and Jordan Murray on trombone.

McAll has tapped significant talent for a balanced, captivating ensemble. Highlights are Glitter and Dust and the one standard I Should Care.

Black Money is on the money.

The album was launched on Sunday afternoon, June 14, 2009, before an enthusiastic crowd at Bennetts Lane, Melbourne.


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