Stationary — Farrugia Grigoryan Howard Robertson


(Which Way Music/Fuse)

THE perfect place to enjoy Stationary would be in an Otways cottage — I know just the one — with nothing to do but gaze through raindrops on the window to the bush beyond. Hard to pigeonhole as jazz, classical or sophisticated instrumental, this has a delicate serenity that ought not be mistaken for somnolence.

The jazz and classical pedigrees of Leonard (brother of Slava) Grigoryan (guitar), Luke Howard (piano), Darryn Farrugia (drums), and Ben Robertson (bass) are impressive. The original compositions and an arrangement of Missy Higgins’s All for Believing are intricate rather than energetic, reflective rather than arresting and melodic rather than acerbic.

The abiding mood is of a peaceful interlude that never discards thoughtfulness.

Open Your Eyes (Grigoryan) starts simply, then expands its horizons. Red Red Road (Howard) gathers momentum in the hands of the pianist.

In short: A way to stay still and yet be in emotion.


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